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  1. Population Limit - Will they increase over 200?

    Yes I sure hope they do too .. I liked the big battles in games like Total War
  2. Windows 10 Only?

    I'm currently on Windows 7 and have been hesitant on upgrading to Windows 10 .. I'm curious if Relic will make the game exclusively for Windows 10.
  3. Time Periods

    During the announcement trailer they showed several different armies such as: Native Americans British Redcoats Roman legionnaires Japanese samurai and others.. I'm curious to see what time periods Age of Empires 4 will give us. Some other communities are speculating that Age of Empires 4 will venture into more modern time periods like World War 1 and the atomic age. I'm not sure how I feel about this.. on one hand I love the older time periods that made the rest of the games great.. but on the other I like the types of battles that can emerge with more modern units. I have played both Empire Earth, Rise of Nations and CIV5, and can see the benefits of either system in place. What sort of time periods would you like to see in Age of Empires 4?
  4. One question I've been curious about is if Age of Empires 4 will lift the restriction on population caps of 200. I know earlier games had the cap because of hardware constraints (ie: AOE2), but I know some mods were released for Age of Empires 3 to expand this figure. For Age of Empires 4, do you think Relic Entertainment will expand the population limit or leave it at 200?
  5. New website online

    The first version of our website and forum is now live We look forward to bringing updates, content and more to the AOE4 community. Welcome